Willow Village


On January 8, 2021, Peninsula Innovation Partners, LLC and Signature Development Group, on behalf of Facebook, resubmitted an updated masterplan plan set, which includes additional detail for each parcel within the proposed masterplan and additional details on the public realm within the project site. The City also received the architectural control plans for the buildings on Parcels 2, 3, 6, and 7 (two mixed use parcels and two residential parcels), schematic infrastructure improvement plans, and the site boundary survey. Additional architectural control plans for the office campus, meeting and collaboration space, town square area, and the hotel will be submitted separately in the next few months. Subsequently, on February 8, 2021, Peninsula Innovation Partners, LLC and Signature Development Group submitted the architectural control plans for the proposed hotel, the meeting and collaboration space, the town square, and the office buildings. The updated masterplan plan sets, infrastructure plans, and architectural control plans expand on and replace the masterplan plan set submitted in October 2020.

The Planning Commission held an EIR scoping session October 7, 2019. During the scoping session, staff requested input from members of the public and the Planning Commission on topics that should be addressed in the environmental analysis. The Planning Commission also held a study session on October 7, 2019, to review and provide general comments on the proposed updated project, inclusive of all plan set updates through the October 1, 2019, plan set submittal.

On December 16, 2019, the City Council received an overview of public comments on the notice of preparation and confirmed the scope and content of the environmental impact report to be prepared for the proposed mixed-use master plan development. The review of the public comments and confirmation of the scope and content of the environmental impact report for the project did not include a discussion or action on the merits of the proposed project.

The City and its consultant are reviewing and considering all information and comments received with regard to the content and scope of the draft EIR. The public comments received during the NOP comment period are provided on this web page in the Environmental review section. A draft EIR is currently being prepared for the project and will be posted on this web page when available.

Project plans

Current and archived plan sets and related submittals are available on the project plans webpage. 

Project updates

The January 2021 submittal expands on the October 2020 plans, which contained a number of project updates and refinements; however, the January 2021 plans do not change the proposed density, commercial retail square footage, office and conference space square footage, or site circulation. The list of project updates below reflects key changes to the project made by the applicant team between May 2020 and October 2020.
  • Reduction in number of housing units from 1,735 to 1,729 units from calculation of minimum right-of-way dedication;
  • On-site circulation modifications, including the removal of the below grade Hamilton Avenue extension between Willow Road and Adams Court;
  • Realignment of the intersection of Hamilton Avenue and Willow Road included in the project with a variant maintaining the existing intersection configuration to also be studied in the environmental analysis; 
  • Modifications to the location and square footage of proposed rights-of-way within the site to be dedicated as part of the Proposed Project;
  • Reduction in total office square footage from 1,750,000 s.f. to 1,250,000 s.f. The Campus District would also include 350,000 s.f. of accessory, meeting, event, and conference space for a total of 1,600,000 s.f. of space for Facebook;
  • Approximately 150,000 s.f. of open space within a sun/rain protected canopy within the campus district for outdoor uses; and
  • Consolidation of project phasing into two phases, instead of three phases.

Project background

The City received the initial application July 6, 2017, to comprehensively redevelop the former ProLogis Menlo Science and Technology Park, located along Willow Road at the intersection of Hamilton Avenue.

The approximately 59-acre existing subject site contains 20 buildings with a mix of office, research and development, and warehousing uses, which encompass the following address ranges: 1350-1390 Willow Road, 925-1098 Hamilton Ave. and 1005-1275 Hamilton Court. Facebook currently occupies several of the existing buildings on the project site. The proposed project is commonly referred to as the Willow Village Master Plan and generally includes the following components:

  • A Development Agreement and Conditional Development Permit to comprehensively redevelop the site through a master plan process;
  • A maximum square footage of approximately 200,000 square feet of retail/non-office commercial uses, including a grocery store, pharmacy and restaurant uses;
  • Approximately 1,729 multifamily housing units, including a minimum of 15 percent (currently proposed to be a minimum of approximately 261 units) of which would be below market rate (BMR) units;
  • A hotel with up to 193 rooms and food services;
  • An approximately 4 acre public park, a dog park, elevated park, and additional public open space distributed throughout the site;
  • An approximately 1.5-acre town square; and
  • Approximately 1,250,000 square feet of offices for Facebook with an additional 350,000 square feet of accessory, meeting, event, and conference space for Facebook. The Campus District would include 1,600,000 square feet of space for Facebook.
The proposed project utilizes the bonus levels for density, floor area ratio (FAR) and height in exchange for community benefits, as defined in the Zoning Ordinance. The proposed project would demolish existing on-site buildings and landscaping and construct new buildings within three subdistricts: a town square district, a residential/shopping district and a campus district. The town square and residential/shopping districts would include the proposed multifamily dwelling units, hotel, publicly accessible open space and the majority of the non-office commercial uses. The campus district would contain 1,600,000 square feet of offices and accessory/conference space for Facebook and a portion of the non-office commercial/retail, which would be located along the ground floor of the office buildings on the main street and open to members of the public.

The site currently contains approximately 1,080,000 square feet of nonresidential uses. The proposed project would result in a net increase of approximately 720,000 square feet of nonresidential uses (not including the hotel and ancillary park buildings/improvements), for approximately 1,800,000 square feet of nonresidential commercial uses at the project site.

The updated proposed project is anticipated to be developed in two main phases. Phase one would encompass the majority of the site development and is further broken into Phase 1A and Phase 1B. The list below outlines the proposed phased development of the project:

  • Phase 1A consists of approximately 565,000 square feet of offices (including the 350,000 square feet accessory, event, and conference space), 1,050 residential units, 150,000 square feet of retail, and the 193 room hotel;
  • Phase 1B consists of approximately 1,000,035 square feet of offices and 50,000 square feet of retail; and
  • Phase 2 consists of approximately 679 residential units.

City actions required on proposed project 

It is anticipated that the following city actions (e.g., agreements, permits, analyses and reviews) would be required for the proposed project:
  • Development agreement (DA)
  • Conditional development permit (CDP)
  • General plan and zoning map amendments
  • Rezoning to incorporate the “X” overlay district
  • Below market rate (BMR) housing agreement
  • Vesting tentative map/subdivision
  • Architectural control/future design review
  • Heritage tree removal permits
  • Fiscal impact analysis
  • Appraisal/community amenity value analysis
  • Certification of an environmental impact report