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1. Where can I find the cost effectiveness study?
2. Does the City have a list of consulting firms who can provide cost effectiveness reports?
3. Is the cost effectiveness study based on investor-owned utility rates or Peninsula Clean Energy rates?
4. Why are there solar panel requirements for non-residential and high rise residential?
5. Does an all electric building cost more to build?
6. What are the baseline solar panel sizing requirements for low-rise residential buildings as per 2019 Title 24 code?
7. Can a heat pump water heater match the performance of a gas system?
8. Can the central heat pump water heater distribute adequate water supply temperature to multiple units simultaneously?
9. How reliable is the electric grid as compared to natural gas?
10. How does the induction cooking compare to gas cooking?
11. Are natural gas systems more efficient than all-electric?
12. Can reach codes promote better air quality in addition to energy efficiency?
13. Does all-electric heating use a lot of energy and can it work in our cool climate?
14. Central water heating: Aren’t central heat pump water heaters are infeasible/unavailable?
15. How do the costs for electric space heating and water heating compare to that of natural gas-based options?
16. Doesn’t having gas appliances offer more resilience?
17. How reliable is the electric grid as compared to natural gas?