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1. What is the Community Vision and why are we doing it now?
2. Haven’t we done this type of visioning process before in Belle Haven?
3. Who is leading this effort and who will be involved?
4. How can I keep track of what’s going on or get involved?
5. What happens when this process is over? How can we make sure something gets done?
6. What does the City’s Community Services Department do?
7. How is the Community Services department funded?
8. Why have some services and programs been eliminated in recent years?
9. Does Belle Haven receive the same level of services as other Menlo Park neighborhoods?
10. How can we make our voices heard at the City?
11. Why do Belle Haven students go to different schools than the rest of Menlo Park?
12. What is the City doing to support quality education for students who live in Belle Haven?
13. What’s being done about recent crime in the neighborhood?
14. How can we work with Facebook and other developers coming to the neighborhood?