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1. How do I connect?
2. What if I still can't connect?
3. Can I print?
4. How can I pay for printouts?
5. Where can I use the Menlo Park Library wireless network?
6. Why won't my apps work when I'm on the network?
7. Why do I need to accept the policy?
8. Do I need to accept the policy every time I start a new connection?
9. What do you mean the wireless connection is not secure?
10. Do you filter websites or web content?
11. Why can't I send email using my mail client (Windows Live Mail / Outlook Express / Thunderbird / etc.)?
12. If there are too many users, will I be blocked from using the wireless network?
13. What does "laptop-friendly table" mean?
14. How fast is the Internet connection?
15. How was the wireless network funded?