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1. How will the residents in the vicinity of the pedestrian / bicycle overcrossing (POC) stay updated as to the design process?
2. What other cities on the 101 corridor empty into a residential community? We'd like to see designs and understand how the bridge emptying into a residential area was implemented.
3. What environmental process was conducted for the POC?
4. Has it been determined, that the current bridge cannot be maintained by moving the columns out of the path of the US 101 improvements?
5. Will the POC be required to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements? Can a waiver be granted to reduce the footprint of the new POC?
6. Can an elevator be used instead of ramps for the POC?
7. Can a shuttle bus be used to provide pedestrian and bicycle connectivity instead of the POC?
8. What type of things will be done to minimize construction impacts?
9. What type of notifications will be sent to residents regarding construction?
10. How long will construction last?
11. What times will construction activities be allowed during the day? Will work be done on weekdays or weekends?
12. What are the costs of design options 2 and 4?
13. Are drawings available with height information for design options 2 and 4?
14. What is the height, width, and length of design options 2 and 4?