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Arrillaga Family Gymnastics Center

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  1. Balance beam
  2. High bars
  3. Multipurpose room
  4. Tumbling apparatus

The gymnastics program is a comprehensive, developmental program designed for gymnasts of all ages. Gymnastics is the foundation for all athletic education. Through the safe and enjoyable mastery of sequential gymnastics skills, our participants enjoy the rewards of physical and mental fitness.

All classes are held at the Arrillaga Family Gymnastics Center. Classes are available Mondays through Saturdays for all ages; one through adult, boys and girls, preschool through teens and adults.

Purpose and goals

Our purpose is to teach children first and gymnastics second, safety always. Our mission is to create a class experience in which children experience happiness, the joy of movement, and the satisfaction of success. 

In a fun and exciting format, children will be challenged to think and then respond with a purposeful controlled movement, thereby improving sensory functions and developing a positive self-image. We offer a safe and enjoyable environment in which our students may learn gross motor, fine motor, social and language skills. Our goal is to teach the health benefits of physical activity, proper nutrition, and the discipline and pleasures of participating in an artistic sport; good eating and sleep habits, and a well balanced lifestyle including school, friends, social responsibilities and gymnastics!

All of our staff is certified in Red Cross CPR and First Aid.