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Public Works

  1. Construction Water Meter Application
  2. Plan Holders List - Reconstruction of Nealon Park Tennis Courts
  3. Public Works Projects Registration Form

    The PWC-100 form should be completed by the awarding body. The new registration program applies to all public works over $1,000, as... More…

  4. Report a Water Waster

    You can utilize the City of Menlo Park‘s Water Conservation hotline 650-330-6750, or online at, to report Water... More…

  5. Water Connection Application
  6. Water Customer Information
  1. Fire Flow Request (for water pressure information)
  2. Public Works project notification subscription

    Use this form to subscribe to updates on various Public Works projects going on throughout the city.

  3. PW Maintenance Work Order
  4. Report an illicit discharge

    Please use this form to alert the City of Menlo Park of an illicit discharge incident. Please provide as much detail as possible so our... More…

  5. Water customer after visit summary