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Seeds by Mail beta test

  1. During the stay-at-home orders, many Menlo Park neighbors are starting new gardens. Seeds By Mail is a beta test for sending seeds to Menlo Park residents in a way that is safe, sensible, and compliant with shelter-in-place orders.
  2. A “green” resource for the community
    The Menlo Park Seed Library operates as a community seed exchange in which borrowers may “check out” a wide variety of vegetable and flower seeds to plant in their gardens for home use. The seeds are provided at no cost to Menlo Park residents.
  3. The Seed Library is a public service of Menlo Park Library to:
    • Enhance food security
    • Promote a greener community environment
    • Foster strong neighborhood ties
    • Educate about the natural world
  4. YES! I would like to receive seeds by mail.
    Would you like to participate in the Seeds By Mail beta test? Submit this form to sign up with the Menlo Park Seed Library. The Seeds By Mail beta test is available to Menlo Park resident library card holders who sign up. Thank you!
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