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1. When do the regulations start?
2. Who is affected?
3. How do I determine my water provider?
4. When can I water?
5. What % of water will the Menlo Park Municipal Water require me to reduce?
6. Will I receive a water budget each month?
7. Will I be fined if I use more than the previous month/year?
8. Can I use water to clean my driveway or sidewalk?
9. Can I wash my vehicle?
10. What are the penalties? Would I receive a warning or fine?
11. Can I use a power washer to clean a building?
12. I am collecting water in a bucket in the shower. When can I put that water on my outdoor plants/turf?
13. How do I report water waste?
14. How will the water regulations be enforced?
15. Do the Code Enforcement officers patrol neighborhoods looking for violators?
16. Does the City have a recycled water system?
17. I have questions bout my water bill. Who do I contact?
18. What is the Menlo Park Municipal Water doing to reduce its water use?
19. Who can I contact for additional questions?