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1. Can I use my old garbage and recycling containers with the new service?
2. Who can I call for waste collection service changes or questions about my bill?
3. How can I find out my waste collection, recycling, and/or organics service day?
4. Menlo Park residents were previously billed for waste collection service yearly with their property tax. Why is this option no longer available?
5. How can I recycle hazardous wastes such as oil, antifreeze, batteries, pesticides, computer monitors, sharps, fluorescent tubes, and bulbs?
6. How do I recycle with the new service? I am used to separating bottles and cans from mixed paper.
7. How do I recycle organics properly? I am not used to placing food scraps out for recycling.
8. Are plastic bags acceptable in organics containers?
9. I am doing construction / remodeling on my property. Do I need to obtain a debris box from Recology?
10. What is the proper way to dispose of prescription medication?