What is the status of Term 8.1.1 (Housing Inventory and Local Supply Study)?

The housing inventory and supply study is now available for review. The purpose of the study as identified in the development agreement was to provide a framework for future, fact-based actions and policymaking related to long-term housing solutions in the Belle Haven neighborhood and East Palo Alto. The development agreement anticipated that the study would assess the conditions, occupancy, and resident profiles of residents living in the immediate vicinity of the project site, including but not limited to the Belle Haven neighborhood, the Fair Oaks neighborhood (located in unincorporated San Mateo County), and the City of East Palo Alto.

The study is intended to establish a baseline understanding of the housing conditions, facilitate the development of an informed regional housing strategy, and develop recommendations to support the preservation of affordable and workforce housing. The study provides community profiles for each of the three communities (Belle Haven, North Fair Oaks, and East Palo Alto) and outlines real estate patterns within each community. The study outlines recommended actions for housing unit production and preservation, as well as tenant protections. The study also identifies the need to monitor conditions over time and for large employers, such as Facebook, to consider how a company’s internal policies can affect housing conditions in the vicinity and educate employees. The UC Berkeley team presented the findings of the Study at the August 11, 2020 City Council meeting.

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