Can I rent out my ADU?

For ADUs constructed after January 1, 2020, a minimum of 30-day lease term is required to rent out an ADU. There is no minimum lease term for a JADU. For a JADU constructed after January 1, 2020 and ADUs constructed after January 1, 2025 the answer is yes, so long as the primary dwelling unit or ADU is occupied by the property owner. For ADUs constructed before January 1, 2020, JADUs, and ADUs constructed after January 1, 2025 both the main dwelling unit and the ADU cannot be rented or used as a dwelling by persons other than the property owner unless the property owner has completed the non-tenancy status registration process or received a use permit. For more information about tenancy status related to properties with ADUs, please see section 16.79.100(1) of the Zoning Ordinance. As part of the building permit application for a new JADU and new ADUs after January 1, 2025, the property owner shall be required to provide a signed tenancy acknowledgement form.

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