Can I convert an existing accesory building into an ADU?

An accessory building (including detached garages/carports) may be converted into an ADU so long as the following criteria are met:

  1. A building permit or other supporting documentation is provided to show the structure was legally built;
  2. The building can be upgraded to meet the Building Code requirements for a dwelling unit; and
  3. The accessory building complies with the development regulations for an ADU, with the exception of:
    1. Minimum yards;
    2. Height;
    3. Daylight plane; and
    4. Parking.

All or any portion of an accessory building that meets the above eligibility criteria may be demolished and reconstructed to meet building code requirements based on the change of occupancy at the time of conversion. The ADU that replaces the accessory building may retain the setbacks and the footprint of the legally constructed accessory building. If the proposed ADU exceeds the permitted unit size of 1,000 square feet, a use permit may be requested to deviate from this standard.

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