What are transportation impact fees?

Transportation Impact Fees ensure that new development and redevelopment pays a proportional fair share contribution for the cost of new transportation infrastructure that is deemed necessary and reasonably related to accommodating the impact of new development within the City limits of Menlo Park.  State law allows cities to impose Transportation Impact Fees on new development to help effectively manage the growth of our community.  Menlo Park has implemented a Transportation Impact Fee system by City ordinance (#964, Municipal Code Section 13.26) with associated transportation impact fees imposed on new development and redevelopment since October, 2009 and updated in December, 2019.  The types of developments subject to the Transportation Impact Fee are: 

  1. All new development in all land use categories identified in the City’s zoning ordinance
  2. Any construction adding additional floor area to a lot with an existing building
  3. New single-family and multi-family dwelling unit
  4. Changes of use from one land use category to a different land use category.

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