How do I use the library’s Zinio service?
Refer to the library's web site for instructions on how to get started.

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1. How do I use the library’s Zinio service?
2. Flash Player doesn't work on my iPad/iPhone. How do I view magazines?
3. How do I return a magazine?
4. How do I add additional magazines from the library's collection to my Zinio account?
5. How do I know when a new magazine issue is available?
6. I am receiving emails from Zinio with special promotions and offers. How do I stop receiving these emails?
7. What do I do when I get an error message saying 'could not connect to server'?
8. I already have a Zinio account. Can I use the same account to access the library's magazine collection?
9. Why are some magazines not in the library's magazine collection or in Zinio itself?
10. Can I purchase magazines that are not in the library's magazine collection?
11. If I choose to purchase a title the library does not offer, is it added to the library's magazine collection? Does the library make any money off of this?