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Menlo Park, CA 94025


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All communications to the City Council and/or city staff are public records subject to the California Public Records Act. Emails sent to this address are provided to the local media and are posted on the city's website for public viewing. The email address of the sender is not disclosed on the website for security purposes. However, information contained in the body of the email, including personal contact information, can be viewed and retrieved through a search. Each City Council member also directly receives email sent to this address.

Name Title Email Phone
Combs, Drew Mayor 650-924-1890
Nash, Betsy Vice Mayor 650-380-3986
Wolosin, Jen City Councilmember 650-485-1964
Mueller, Ray City Councilmember 650-776-8995
Taylor, Cecilia City Councilmember 650-589-5073