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MCC Closures & Announcements

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 Parent Orientation POSTPONED

23rd-27th Anti-Bully Week
(See classrooms for more information)
27th Family Pumpkin Decorating at 9:30 am 
31st Halloween Parade at 10 am

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10th Closed for Veterans Day

17th Thanksgiving Family Dinner at 5:30 pm

22-24th Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday 

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Happy Birthday to...

October Birthdays

Ashton C. (2nd) Toddler
Anna O. (14th) Early Preschool
Charles M. (18th) Preschool

Alton S. (20th) Toddler
Risha S. (28th) Early Preschool
Basil S. (29th) Early Preschoo

November Birthdays 

Gideon D. (10th) Preschool
Shawn L. (20th) Early Preschool
Hailey S. (20th) Early Preschool
Mia R. (21st) Morning Birds

From the Director

Dear Families,
I have been working in Early Childhood Education for 15 years, working in programs ranging from non-profits serving high need youth in Chicago, Illinois to large corporate sponsored childcare centers in Mountain View, California. Across all of my experiences I have observed many philosophies and styles of education along the way but throughout all of these experiences one fact has remained; All children deserve quality early childhood education in a nurturing, engaging and safe environment with knowledgeable and caring teachers to support them on their educational journey. I am excited to step in as the interim program coordinator here at MCC and to support the staff in continuing to provide quality care for you and your children. Please feel free to stop by my office and introduce yourself.         
 -Angelina Banda

Whats Happening in the Classroom?



We are looking forward to a fun and exciting month of October! We will be learning about the season of fall, pumpkins and apples. We will talk about the changing weather in autumn. We will take a walk outside and see the leaves change into beautiful shades of red, plum, orange and gold. The toddlers will also be painting with leaves in fall colors to decorate our classroom tree. During Apples Week, the toddlers will have a Pretend apple orchard, apple pie sensory bin and make apple prints. We will also have pumpkin exploration since Halloween is just around the corner.


Throughout the month of November, our theme will focus on gratitude with Thanksgiving approaching. The toddlers will learn what it means to be thankful. We will celebrate our families, friends, healthy bodies and a bountiful Fall Harvest. The toddlers will be creating lots of Thanksgiving-themed artwork, along with more autumn crafts. 

Early Preschool


The Early Preschool classroom will be going on regular nature walks. We will observe the color changes in the surrounding trees. We will classify the pine cones, pods and identifying the trees


November's theme is caring and sharing. We will discuss how we can be kind and caring to our friends. We will practice taking turns with our classroom materials. The teachers will be sure to encourage children to use kind words and be good friends. 



We are welcoming the new school year with some new friends, so we have been focusing on the "All about Me" topic. We will also be talking more about our different families. At the end of October we will have a special guest on Halloween, who will do a special science experiment with the children.


The preschool classroom will celebrate giving, we will make colorful turkeys, and make cornucopias with our friends. We will also enjoy cooking by making a delicious fall dessert Apple Pie!

Morning Birds


This month Morning Birds will be "Falling" into the Autumn season and exploring the changes around our campus. We'll be talking about the upcoming holidays of October, while expressing our art skills through the fall literature we explore in the library.


In November we will be sharing thankful thoughts weekly while preparing personal family keepsakes to bring home at the end of the month.

Try it at home: No Cook Pumpkin Play Dough


  • 1 can of pumpkin puree (15oz)
  • 2-3 cups of corn starch
  • 2 tbsp of pumpkin pie spice


  • Combine the canned pumpkin and the pumpkin spice in a bowl and mix until the pumpkin is smooth
  • Slowly add corn starch and stir. Continue to add corn starch and stir until the dough begins to form. You will then want to finish kneading the dough with your hands.
  • If the dough is at all sticky add a little more cornstarch
  • After a bit of kneading you will be left with the most delightfully squishy and soft pumpkin play dough

Coming Soon: Parent/Teacher Conferences using the DRDP Program

Understanding DRDPs

DRDP is an observational tool created by the State of California Department of Education. This assessment tool helps teacher’s asses each child individually in a variety of developmental areas. The four desired results areas ensure that:
·        Children are personally and socially competent.
·        Children are effective learners.
·        Children show physical and motor competence.
·        Children are safe and healthy.
The assessment of children is what drives the weekly curriculum and also supports Kindergarten readiness. There are separate DRDP sections for Toddlers and Preschool to ensure that expectations are age appropriate.

How we are implementing the DRDP

At MCC, DRDP Assessments are done twice a year, once in the Fall and again in the Spring. The teachers meet with the parents at least once a year to discuss their observations and to also measure the growth that has occurred since the previous assessment time. You may notice on each weekly curriculum, small numbers of each scheduled activity. These numbers relate to the DRDP and is the developmental goal that teachers are hoping to reach through that activity. For example, Measure 4 is listed as Number Sense of Math operations for the Preschool area. Staff may schedule a building block activity where teachers add blocks and take away blocks from a group to help with introducing Addition and Subtraction. This is very basic math but it does help staff measure the various levels of developing Number Sense.  Measure 2 for Toddlers is listed as Classification. Staff may schedule an activity for the group allowing the children to sort like colors into various bins. The teachers may put a different color block in each bin and watch as the children follow. This helps staff measure the varying levels of development within the classification area. You may also notice DRDP Measurements written on paper strips and hanging around some of the classrooms. This is to help staff as they plan for weekly curriculum and also to introduce the DRDP language to parents.
DRDPs are somewhat new to the MCC Program but we look forward to introducing and reviewingthis assessment with your family.

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