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Apr 02

Shuttle changes to improve safety at Willow Road/U.S. 101 interchange

Posted on April 2, 2018 at 9:30 pm by Clay Curtin

To address concerns about pedestrians continuing to walk across the Willow Road/U.S. 101 bridge, through the construction area, the pickup areas for the FREE shuttles (shuttles run 24 hour per day, 7 day per week) have been moved onto Willow Road where the sidewalks end and the shuttles will wait at these stops during peak commute hours. On weekday mornings, the shuttle will be stationed on westbound Willow Road near Newbridge Street. On weekday afternoons, the shuttle will be stationed on eastbound Willow Road near Bay Road. During non-peak periods and weekends, the shuttle will be stationed at one or the other and the dispatch number (415-263-4000) will still be in effect at all times. An updated shuttle location map is available on the Willow Road/U.S. 101 Interchange project webpage.

For the duration of construction, pedestrians are prohibited and bicyclists are discouraged from traveling through the construction area since space is very limited and sidewalks are closed. Pedestrians and bicyclists of all ages are strongly encouraged to take these shuttles, which are being provided at no cost to the community, or use the bicycle and pedestrian bridge at Ringwood Avenue.

Please contact the Transportation Division with any concerns, comments or questions regarding the shuttle service.

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