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Nov 03

City Welcomes New Member to the Vehicle Fleet

Posted on November 3, 2017 at 12:08 pm by Meghan Revolinsky

By: Brian Henry

The Department of Public Works recently replaced an important piece of heavy equipment in the City’s vehicle fleet. An updated 2017 model replaced the Department’s 2003 combination truck. The new combination truck can do more than clean and jet storm drain lines. It can also be used for power washing sidewalks while vacuuming up the water used in the pressure washing process. It can do minor root cutting while jetting out storm drain lines and can jet up to 700’ of line. The new combination truck also has the ability to hydro excavate by using water pressure at 2,000 psi to aerate and dig around a broken water line. This is beneficial when responding to a water line break, as no additional equipment such as a backhoe will be required. The new truck is 35’ long and built to City of Menlo Park specifications by Sewer Equipment of America in Dixon, Illinois. It took approximately nine months to build and was delivered to Menlo Park last week. Staff has been trained to operate and maintain the new truck. One of the first tasks for the new truck is to clean problematic storm drains in preparation for the upcoming winter weather

City Welcomes New Member to the Vehicle Fleet