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Oct 26

Emergency vehicle prioritization at Willow-101

Posted on October 26, 2017 at 4:58 pm by Meghan Revolinsky

By: Angela Obeso

New traffic signals at Willow and 101 were installed with emergency vehicle prioritization as part of a collaborative effort between Caltrans, City of Menlo Park, Menlo Park Fire Protection District and Menlo Park Police Department. City staff was able to expedite the delivery of an emergency vehicle preemption system so that the Caltrans team could have it in place when the temporary traffic signals were turned on. This system allows emergency vehicles to “preempt” the signal to get a green light to get to their calls quicker. This system will remain in place for the duration of construction. A permanent system will be installed with the permanent traffic signal. The interchange project will replace the existing interchange with a new, wider bridge; add sidewalks, bike lanes and protected bike paths on both sides; and add two signalized intersections. The current "full cloverleaf" style interchange will be replaced with a "partial cloverleaf" which will eliminate the short merge weaves both on Willow Road and on the freeway and will create a more efficient way for all modes of traffic, including bikes and pedestrians, to get across the freeway at Willow Road. Visit the project webpage for more information about the project and stay tuned to the Construction News Updates for regular updates on construction.

Emergency vehicle prioritization at Willow-101