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Dec 15

Homes Damaged by Falling Trees

Posted on December 15, 2014 at 9:57 am by Clay Curtin

Even before this week's storm arrived, last week on December 6th, a large oak tree fell hitting an apartment building at 1524 San Antonio Street and a townhome at 1518 San Antonio Street. Both the Police Department and Menlo Park Fire Protection District responded and requested assistance from the City's Building Division to assess the structural damage.  A building inspector arrived to attempt an immediate inspection but was unable due to the danger of the tree falling further. The buildings were re-inspected Saturday afternoon following removal of the majority of the tree and structural damage was found on two of the apartment units, requiring one to be posted "unsafe to occupy" and a second to be posted "unsafe to enter".  Also on Saturday, a second large tree fell in the Town of Atherton damaging a single-family residence.  The Atherton Police Department was unable to reach Atherton's contract building inspectors and requested assistance from Menlo Park.  The same Menlo Park building inspector conducted an inspection late Saturday afternoon and found significant structural damage requiring the home to be posted as "unsafe to enter".  As of Monday morning, December 8th, the City has issued permits to repair the apartment units as well as underground and in-unit gas pipes where necessary.

Fallen Tree Damage 12-6-2014