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Aug 03

Increasing bike safety with new storm drain grates

Posted on August 3, 2017 at 4:55 pm by Meghan Revolinsky

By: Brian Henry

The Public Work’s Maintenance staff is in the process of inspecting all the storm drain inlets to increase bike safety within the City. There are over 980 inlets in the City’s stormwater system and crews are currently in the process of inspecting all of them and making repairs or updates to those in need. Staff are field inventorying the inlets and using a map-based program on tablets to create a database of the condition of each. As part of this inventory, each inlet is inspected and work orders are created to replace the grate and/or clean the catch basin, if needed. Catch basins are a section within the inlet that captures trash, leaves and other debris that could cause the storm drain system to be blocked. Catch basins with trash capture devices are inspected twice per year, once in the summer and again in the fall to prepare for the winter rains. Trash capture devices limit the amount of trash entering the system that flows into the bay. Another part of the inspection is to check the condition of the grates at the surface. Grates that appear hazardous to bicyclists due to lose or broken pieces are replaced with a new galvanized steel, bike-proof grate. Below are photos an old cast iron grate and the new steel replacement. 

For more information about the Public Works Maintenance staff or to report an inlet that may need repairs, please visit the City’s webpage.

Increasing bike safety with new storm drain grates