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May 12

Staff attends BOOST Conference

Posted on May 12, 2017 at 10:27 pm by Meghan Revolinsky

By: Rondell Howard

The childcare division from the Belle Haven Afterschool Program and Menlo Children’s Center had staff attend the annual BOOST Collaborative Conference. Here staff collaborated, learned, connected, built and explored new avenues to expand the city of Menlo Park’s after school programs. BOOST is one of the most acknowledged symposiums, with thousands of after-school peers from around the country, as well as hundreds of companies shedding light on all the great things they do to engage youth during after school time. This past week's conference was a truly valuable experience for all because it shows the city’s dedication and commitment to developing staff.

The class, “Coaching Staff to Success” focused on coaching best practices while allowing staff to practice coaching techniques that cultivate a relationship rooted in mutual respect and caring. 
“Dream Initiative” was a course that helped learning practitioners overcome their obstacles and achieve their dreams. “Activities to Engage Youth” session focused on activities and strategies that can increase student engagement and contribute to a positive school environment. Many other classes were offered; these are just a small snippet of the great workshops that were available. 

The conference also included a host of keynote speakers, such as Barbara Boxer, a champion of quality public education and wrote landmark legislation establishing the first-ever federal funding for after-school programs. Jesse Williams, BET’s 2016 Humanitarian Award recipient also spoke. He sits on the board of directors of Advancement Project, a leading national civil rights advocacy organization. With all the networking and team-building opportunities, the staff will be well equipped to implement new ideas and continue creating amazing after school experiences for youth in Menlo Park. 

Staff attends BOOST Conference
Staff attends BOOST Conference (2)