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Mar 30

Large tree falls during latest storm

Posted on March 30, 2017 at 11:31 pm by Meghan Revolinsky

By: Brian Henry

Last week, a mature coast live oak (Quercus agrifolia) fell down near the Library. The entire tree uprooted during the windy storm, an event known as windthrow. Factors that led to windthrow included rain-saturated soil, strong winds and an increase of water weight in the canopy. With a trunk diameter of over 40 inches, it was one the largest oak trees on the Civic Center Campus. A portion of the tree trunk was saved and is being used as an outdoor table for the children at the Menlo Children’s Center. Residents are reminded to monitor their private property oak trees and contact a private, ISA-certified Arborist with concerns. The City Arborist, Christian Bonner, is available to inspect trees growing along the streets and in parks, by calling 330-6780.

Large tree falls during latest storm