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Feb 17

Bedwell Bayfront Park Master Plan community outreach set for March

Posted on February 17, 2017 at 2:02 pm by Nicole Acker

By: Derek Schweigart

At their meeting on Feb. 7, 2017, Council approved an agreement with Callander Associates Landscape Architecture to work with the City in the development of the Bedwell Bayfront Park (BBP) Master Plan. Included in the project scope of work is the development of a public outreach plan that is consistent with the City’s Community Engagement Model. The outreach plan consists of project review by City Commissions and City Council, stakeholder coordination, workshops and community meetings, project web site, and the formation of an oversight and outreach committee.

The BBP Master Plan Oversight and Outreach Committee will be responsible for providing advisory input and recommendations to the consultant and staff regarding the outreach process and concept plans (i.e. alternatives); and reaching out to other community members to include them in the broader planning process through participation in the community workshops and other planning activities. City staff and Callander are proposing the following committee composition to include representatives from:
For more information on the BBP Master Plan project, contact Assistant Community Services Director Derek Schweigart.

Bedwell Bayfront Park Sign