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Nov 19

Smart Corridors project celebrates completion

Posted on November 19, 2016 at 9:31 pm by Clay Curtin

On Nov. 9, Caltrans, San Mateo County and 20 cities celebrated the unveiling of the Smart Corridors project. Elected officials and leaders from C/CAG, the San Mateo County Transportation Authority, Caltrans and staff from participating agencies joined a ribbon cutting ceremony. Smart Corridors is a multi-agency coordination project in San Mateo County that links traffic signals on designated arterial routes, along the U.S. 101 corridor. The objective of the project is to provide information to motorists on alternative routes that can be utilized during a traffic incident resulting in a closure of US 101. By linking the traffic signals and installing new communication systems, the Smart Corridors project allows quick response and improved traffic flow through the region during an incident. Menlo Park also received several new traffic signal controllers and new fiber connections between City Hall and signals on major corridors around the City as part of this project. It further provides a needed system backbone for future traffic signal management improvements on Willow Road, Sand Hill Road, Bayfront Expressway, Marsh Road, Middlefield Road and El Camino Real.

Smart Corridors Ribbon Cutting