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Sep 28

San Francisquito Creek Inspection Completed

Posted on September 28, 2014 at 1:57 pm by Clay Curtin

Annually, every agency that has jurisdiction over a portion of San Francisquito Creek meets to walk the creek and identify items such as downed trees and other debris that could constrict channel flows and pose a threat to public safety during a large winter storm event. Items requiring attention are tagged and assigned to the appropriate entity for removal or modification. A few weeks ago, staff walked the creek and found very few items requiring attention. In fact, the creek was in one of the best conditions, from a maintenance standpoint, that staff could remember.  Those items that were identified have now been resolved. In addition, staff was able to identify problem areas where trash had accumulated and share that information with Acterra, which used it to focus resources during the annual Coastal Cleanup Day event that was held on September 20th.