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Sep 21

Downtown Sidewalk Cleaning for Health & Safety

Posted on September 21, 2014 at 12:00 am by Clay Curtin

The City will be power washing the downtown sidewalks during the early morning hours beginning the week of September 22nd. This is in response to recent complaints/concerns regarding the sanitary conditions of the downtown sidewalks, along with many requests to clean the sidewalks of food, animal feces, etc. Previously, the City's regularly scheduled downtown sidewalk cleaning program had been put on hold in an effort to conserve water during the ongoing drought. However, with consideration for the health and safety of our residents, businesses, and downtown patrons,  a modified power washing operation which uses non-potable, reclaimed storm drain water will occur. The water used will be retrieved from storm drains with the vacuum truck (Vactor Truck) and held for the sidewalk pressure cleaning before being vacuumed up again by the truck and properly disposed of for further purification before it reenters the storm drain system. The crews will have signage on the sides of the trucks to indicate that the water is “Reclaimed Storm Drain Water – Non-Potable” as well as barricades with similar signage.