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Mar 12

Senior Center events celebrate diversity

Posted on March 12, 2016 at 10:20 pm by Clay Curtin

The Menlo Park Senior Center started its four-week celebration of “Embracing Our Diversity” with a Black History Month lunch and gospel fest on Friday, Feb. 26. A sold out crowd of over 120 participants filled the dining hall as gospel music filled the air. Singers from local churches, dancers from Soul Line Dance troupe, and a local poet were on hand to entertain the crowd as they enjoyed a home cooked meal. On Friday, March 4, the seniors enjoyed a special meal in honor of our patrons from Far East. Chinese music filled the air as children from Beechwood Elementary School, carrying a long dragon, weaved their way through the crowd, greeting them with Happy New Year wishes, and little red envelopes, each bearing a quarter. Over the next two weeks, the center will host "Ole! Ole!" Friday, March 11, in honor of our Latin patrons, and "Salam-O-Aleykom" in honor of the Near Eastern friends on Friday, March 18. These celebrations introduce the participants to the many different cultures served at the Menlo Park Senior Center and helps enhance their quality of life through music, dance and food.

Senior Center Diversity event 1
Senior Center Diversity event 2