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Feb 06

State Water Board approves Menlo Park’s planned emergency well construction

Posted on February 6, 2016 at 10:42 am by Clay Curtin

The City met with the State Water Resources Control Board in early January 2016 and recently received the formal approval for the construction of an emergency water well at the city’s corporation yard located at 333 Burgess Drive. The project has been in the design phase for the well at this location, which would be the first of three to four emergency wells to supply emergency water to the eastern service area, the area east of El Camino Real. Currently, this area does not have an alternate water supply in the event of service disruption from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Hetch Hetchy water supply. Staff is currently preparing the environmental documents that will be distributed for public review in the next few months. Well drilling is tentatively scheduled for some time later this year.