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Jan 30

Menlo Park water district keeps drinking water reservoirs clean

Posted on January 30, 2016 at 12:35 pm by Clay Curtin

The Menlo Park Municipal Water District owns and operates two drinking water reservoirs located off Sand Hill Road west of Interstate 280. These reservoirs provide drinking water storage and firefighting protection for customers in the western part of the city. The district recently hired certified divers to inspect the interior and exterior of one of the reservoirs. These inspection divers carefully search the bottom of city water reservoirs for cracks or structural problems that would not be visible from the surface and keep a keen eye out for anything else that looks out of place. The divers also vacuum out the thin layer of sediment that settles over time at the bottom of the reservoir. Divers complete the job because it would be impractical to drain each reservoir for a dry inspection, both due to the time required and the amount of water waste that would occur. During this recent inspection, the divers found the reservoir in good condition and expect to schedule the city’s second reservoir for cleaning later this year.

Each summer the water district releases it's annual Consumer Confidence Report on water quality:

2015 Consumer Confidence Report - Water Quality