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Nov 13

Police welcome new K-9 “Hardy” to the team

Posted on November 13, 2015 at 5:07 pm by Nicole Acker

Police K-9 Nerro Alexova Uranie recently retired due to an unexpected, untreatable medical condition. The Police Department purchased a new K-9 to fill the vacant position. Retired K-9 Nerro is doing well and will continue to live with his handler Officer Allen Swanson and his family. Officer Swanson will continue to give K-9 Nerro the care and attention his medical condition requires. Officer Swanson stepped down from his position as canine handler in order to focus on the care of Nerro. Officer Swanson is thanked for his service and continued care and support of now retired K-9 Nerro.

On Oct. 27, K-9 Hardy od Nechranic arrived in the United States from Germany and was assigned to Menlo Park police officer Manny Torres. Officer Torres and K-9 Hardy immediately began an intensive four week canine and canine handler training program. Upon completion of the training, and after passing Peace Officer Standards Training (POST) certification, Officer Torres and K-9 Hardy will begin patrolling and protecting the citizens of Menlo Park beginning Nov. 21, 2015. We welcome K-9 Hardy to the Menlo Park Police family!

Hardy and Manny2