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Nov 07

Rachel Bentley watercolors return to City Hall

Posted on November 7, 2015 at 6:13 pm by Clay Curtin

The historic Menlo Park watercolors of artist Rachel Bentley have returned to City Hall. Arranged in the staircase between first and second floors are 10 watercolors with historic scenes from the earliest days of Menlo Park. Some of the notable scenes are the Latham-Hopkins Mansion, M.J. Doyle & Company Store and the Menlo Park Gates which were named after Menlough Castle in County Galway, Ireland. The watercolors were a gift to the City of Menlo Park by Susan Gale, the city’s first historian. Each of the watercolors has been cleaned and restored and reframed. Another collection of the restored watercolors is available for viewing at the Menlo Park Library.