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Aug 16

Planning Commission begins biennial review of the Specific Plan

Posted on August 16, 2015 at 1:06 am by Clay Curtin

The Planning Commission initiated the biennial review of the Specific Plan on Aug. 3. The review provided an evaluation of how the Specific Plan is achieving its objectives, an update on projects within the Plan area, recommendations for potential modifications to the Specific Plan, and a discussion on how Public Benefit Bonus projects should be evaluated. The recommended modifications included clarifications on development standards, measures to streamline the review process and measures to encourage non-office commercial uses by providing greater flexibility on parking requirements. The Planning Commission was generally supportive of pursuing all of the recommended changes, with the exception of parking flexibility for non-office commercial uses. Commissioners Kadvany and Onken presented a new methodology for evaluating Public Benefit Bonus projects for discussion. The Commission recommended that the City Council authorize further study on Public Benefit Bonus evaluation methodologies and for the City Council to provide direction regarding how Public Benefit Bonus projects should be evaluated. The biennial review, including the Planning Commission’s feedback, is scheduled for City Council consideration in early October. Based on the City Council’s direction, staff will then prepare additional analysis for consideration of the proposed modifications by the Planning Commission and City Council at future dates.