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Jun 21

City receives notice of unanticipated repayment from State

Posted on June 21, 2015 at 12:00 am by Clay Curtin

Menlo Park, and other cities, counties and special districts throughout California, recently learned it will receive a reimbursement for costs incurred in complying with unfunded state mandates before 2004. Unfunded mandates are requirements placed upon cities, counties, and special districts by the State to perform certain functions without receiving associated funding. The State had until fiscal year 2020-21 to repay mandate reimbursements; however, the most recent revision to the State budget indicated sufficient excess revenues were available to repay the entire balance owed, including interest. Menlo Park's share is approximately $491,000, and includes two parts. The City expects the first $397,000 reimbursement portion to arrive by June 30 and the remaining $94,000 interest portion by September 2015.