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Aug 23

Planning Commission Reviews the Greystar Residential Development

Posted on August 23, 2014 at 10:06 pm by Clay Curtin

On August 18, 2014, the Planning Commission completed its R-4-S compliance review study session for the proposed Greystar Residential Development, a 146-unit multi-family residential development located at 3645 Haven Avenue (3645-3665 Haven Avenue).  The project’s site layout and architecture was well received, including the project entry, the design of its interior courtyard, and the use of smaller sized units.  One member of the public spoke about the project and noted a broader transportation issue for the area, citing access to the closest grocery store was across the freeway, and this poses a potential risk for pedestrians and cyclists.  Although no improvements to the Caltrans overpass are proposed at this time, the Haven Avenue area will see pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular improvements to the area.  St. Anton, the developers of the adjacent residential property at 3639 Haven Avenue, and in conjunction with Greystar, will be responsible for implementing these improvements.  The improvements include new sidewalks, bike lanes, and striping improvements on Haven Avenue near Marsh Road.   Further discussion around mobility and connectivity across US 101 will be covered as part of the General Plan Update.

Next, Community Development Director Arlinda Heineck will make a determination of whether the project complies with the R-4-S development regulations and design standards. Prior to this, staff will further evaluate the proposed wood material, which several commissioners questioned regarding its performance and appearance.  Staff anticipates that a determination will be made in the next several weeks.  Staff will also be reviewing the demolition plans that were submitted on August 11, 2014. Demolition of the existing buildings is not contingent upon issuance of the compliance review letter.