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Sep 06

Proper disposal keeps Menlo Park and the Bay clean

Posted on September 6, 2021 at 6:27 pm by Clay Curtin

It is easy to forget the importance of keeping debris away from the storm drain inlets. Anything entering the city storm drains flow directly to the bay, affecting the surrounding water, fish and wildlife. To reduce pollution to the San Francisco Bay, nothing other than stormwater is allowed to flow into the City’s storm drains.   

Below are some common household disposal information:

We are calling on our neighbors to join our effort to stop illegal dumping in order keep our community clean. 

  • Dumping hurts our neighborhoods
  • Illegal dumping makes Menlo Park neighborhoods look unsightly
  • Illegal dumping encourages littering in Menlo Park
  • Illegal dumping presents a safety hazard to pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists
  • Illegal dumping attracts vermin and bacteria

If residents notice dumped waste or see someone illegally dumping anything in or nearby the storm drain, residents are encouraged to report it online or call 650-330-6750. Reported illicit discharges will be logged and addressed in a timely manner.     

For more information, please contact Assistant Engineer Scott Jaw.