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Aug 03

Recognizing System Administrator Day with phishing email prevention tips

Posted on August 3, 2021 at 9:45 am by Lisa Atwood

Phishing emails represent one of the biggest threats in security. One wrong click on a link or attachment could result in malware that steal data, encrypt systems, give attackers control over webcams and cause other consequences. It’s important everyone fight cyber threats and educate themselves on what to look for. 

  • Before anything slow down, we are so busy with our lives that it’s easy to mistaken a phishing email for something that is real. 
  • Look, but don’t click. Hover your mouse over any links you find embedded in the body of your email. If the link address looks weird, don’t click on it.
  • Check for spelling mistakes. 
  • Analyze the greeting. Most companies will use a personal salutation with your name. If the email has a generic greeting like, “valued customer,” be skeptical. 
  • Look and verify email and company logos to make sure they are legitimate. 
  • Don’t give up personal information. Most companies like governmental agencies will not ask you for a payment via email. 
  • Beware of urgent or threatening language.
  • Review the signature. Lack of details on how to contact company strongly suggest it might be a phishing email.
  • Be aware of clicking on attachments.
  • Never make assumptions and be cautious. Phishers are very good at what they do and can send a seemingly valid email. 

Systems Administrators work hard to keep the network safe! This includes physical equipment, as well as virtual and cloud-based programs, and requires continuous monitoring, patching and updating all systems, from email and apps, to operating systems and hardware infrastructure. Maintenance and security are constantly required at all levels.