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Jul 12

Safely dispose of unwanted household medications

Posted on July 12, 2021 at 8:30 pm by Clay Curtin

Do you have expired or unwanted household medications at home? Did you know by properly disposing these medications can prevent water contamination or it getting into the wrong hands. Many people think it’s OK to flush them down the toilet. When in fact it can take your drugs into the local sewage system, where it might not be fully removed by water treatment plants. The drug can end up in drinking water and in the flesh of fish. 

Prescription drugs should not be placed in the trash since they will eventually make it to a local landfill, where your medications could still have the potential to leach out.

The City of Menlo Park partners with MED-project to offer a free, safe, and convenient location for residents to dispose of unwanted or expired medication. A secured drop box is located in the Police lobby at 701 Laurel St. Drop-offs can be made during regular business hours. The kiosk accepts medications in any dosage form in their original container or sealed bag. We encourage residents, if you have expired or unwanted medicines, proper disposal is important and easy.