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May 31

Peninsula Clean Energy launches “E-Bikes for Everyone”

Posted on May 31, 2021 at 5:39 pm by Clay Curtin

Peninsula Clean Energy has launched the “E-Bikes for Everyone” program, including significant discounts to qualified San Mateo County residents for the purchase of a new electric bicycle (e-bike) in a broader effort to raise awareness and adoption of this healthier, cleaner and affordable transportation option.

San Mateo County residents who meet income qualifications will receive a discount at participating shops of up to $800 off the purchase price for an e-bike.

As e-bikes and their benefits are quickly growing more popular in the Bay Area and beyond, E-Bikes for Everyone is intended to help ensure that they are accessible and affordable to all interested members of the community.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to expand options for affordable, clean and practical electric transportation to underserved sectors in our communities,” said Redwood City Vice Mayor Giselle Hale, who also represents the city on Peninsula Clean Energy’s board of directors. “By partnering with our bike shops, this program helps bolster local businesses as we continue to recover from the pandemic and reopen our economy.”

Peninsula Clean Energy is also expanding education about e-bikes through a partnership with Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, a nonprofit working to make bicycling accessible and safe for all users in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. That will include free training, group rides, giveaways and additional resources.

“The e-bike rebate program is so important as people are biking much more since we have been forced to reset transportation norms during the pandemic,” said Emma Shlaes, deputy director of Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition. “We now have a chance to maintain those norms and enable more people to e-bike as a way to get around and to go further, which helps the community meet its health and climate change goals.”