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Sep 07

Help slow the spread of COVID-19

Posted on September 7, 2020 at 8:57 pm by Clay Curtin

Members of the public and workers at essential businesses are required to wear face coverings outside the home for certain activities and in places of business, which is intended to slow the spread of COVID-19. Face coverings need to cover the nose and mouth. By wearing a mask or cloth face covering, you can slow the spread of COVID-19.

Who needs a mask?
  • Anyone going outside their home
  • Workers in customer-facing industries
  • Workers in offices, factories, or any group setting
  • Doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals
  • Other workers, as dictated by industry guidance
When should you wear a mask? You should wear a mask or face covering whenever you’ll be around someone you don’t live with, including:
  • In any indoor public space
  • When waiting in line
  • When getting health care
  • On public transportation or when ride-sharing
  • At work, when near others or moving through common areas
  • Outdoors, if you can’t stay six feet away from others
When can you take off your mask? There are times when it’s okay to take your mask off when you’re away from home, such as:
  • When eating or drinking
  • If a hearing-impaired person needs to read your lips
  • If wearing a face covering imposes a risk to you at work – for example, if it could get caught in machinery
  • When you’re not sharing a common area, room or enclosed space with others
  • When outdoors in public and can stay six feet from others
You should replace the mask as soon as you can after these activities to reduce the risk of infection. 

Scarves, home-sewn fabric coverings, bandanas, a “DIY” mask from an old T-shirt and neck gaiters are examples of acceptable face coverings, especially because they can be washed after each use and worn again. For more information, visit the California COVID-19 masks and face coverings webpage

Make this a fun experience with your whole family! Have the kids pick out the shirt they want to use or pick out a fabric design that you have in the closet. Then videochat and share your masks with family and friends.