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Jun 08

Thank you to essential water workers

Posted on June 8, 2020 at 5:52 pm by Clay Curtin

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Americans are sheltering in place. But water utilities have to keep the water flowing, and water workers show up every day to fulfill the mission to protect public and environmental health. More than ever, these workers are essential. We are grateful for our essential water workers who are dedicated to providing safe and reliable water in our community.

So many of our front line heroes have risen to the surface during our current public health emergency as they continue to go out every day to make sure the rest of us have access to life’s essentials. These heroes make it possible for us to have water for drinking, cooking and, perhaps more important than ever, maintaining personal hygiene.

At Menlo Park Municipal Water, we are making sure that the COVID-19 virus is not impacting the safety of your drinking water supply, or our ability to supply water to customers. Current operations remain healthy, and we continue to meet or exceed all applicable water quality regulatory standards.

You may see Menlo Park Municipal Water’s essential work crews and meter reading contractor working in the field during the shelter in place order. As a public works agency, we are continuing to provide maintenance to our critical water delivery systems and are enforcing all public health protocols to maintain safe working environments during essential work.

For more information on the work and services we provide, visit the Menlo Park Municipal Water. For billing related questions, call 844-463-6567.

Water is essential