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May 22

Motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians share the responsibility of roadway safety

Posted on May 22, 2020 at 12:38 pm by Nicole Acker

Outdoor activities such as walks, runs, biking and running necessary errands are encouraged while in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. As more people choose walking and bicycling as primary modes of transportation to travel and exercise, creating a safer environment for all roadway users is increasingly important.

Pedestrians, joggers and bicyclists should be mindful to keep at least 6 feet away from each other. While it’s great that social distancing practices are being adhered to, caution is necessary for pedestrians, runners, and bicyclists when overtaking or passing others. Pedestrians are reminded to be careful and not enter the roadway or street without first looking. Drivers should also be aware of the increase in foot traffic and be on the lookout for pedestrians and bicyclists crossing the street or those close to the roadway.

The California Office of Traffic Safety provides information and resources through their Go Safely campaign that helps drivers, passengers, bicyclists and passengers travel the road safely together. We all share the responsibility to make sure roads and streets are safe for everyone. We can achieve this by following the rules of the road, watching out for others, and using courtesy while walking, jogging, biking and driving. Please stay safe and healthy!

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