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May 25

Low-cost internet access and services available to those in need

Posted on May 25, 2020 at 5:32 pm by Clay Curtin

As San Mateo County continues to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that internet access plays an important role in helping our residents stay connected – to their families, their workplaces, their schools and the latest information about the virus. Many companies are offering affordable programs to low-income residents and no late fees during COVID-19.

Comcast has expanded their efforts in helping customers through increased speeds for all new and existing customer and their Internet Essentials program for low-income families:
If you have been impacted by COVID-19, Verizon will not charge any late fees or terminate services through June 30, 2020. To qualify, you must fill out a hardship form by signing into your My Verizon online.

  • AT&T is offering schools 60 days of unlimited data for laptops, tablets and hotspots
  • AT&T will keep service connected, waive late payment fees, and waive data, voice and text overage charges for any wireless customer who notifies them that they are unable to pay their bills due to COVID-19 through June 30, 2020.
  • All AT&T consumer home internet wireline customers, as well as fixed wireless internet customers, can use unlimited internet data through June 30.
  • Access from AT&T provides low-cost internet service for eligible households
As schools and businesses close and families stay home, internet connectivity becomes even more important. To learn more about available digital access and resources visit