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Apr 10

Mental health and coping resources during COVID-19

Posted on April 10, 2020 at 2:50 pm by Nicole Acker

We are all concerned about the physical and mental well-being of our community. Physical health in regard to following health orders pertaining to the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic has always been important. As we move into several weeks of the stay-at-home order, dealing with stress comes to the forefront, and psychological health is just as important. We appreciate the communities’ compliance with the stay-at-home orders issued by health officers and understand that staying inside for long periods of time causes restlessness, boredom, lack of social contact and restricts outdoor activities. 

Managing mental health during this time is just as vital to overall well-being as keeping physically healthy. This pandemic may be affecting your mental health causing stressors related to paying bills, fear of catching the virus, inundation of daily information and updates resulting in more restrictions and uncertainty, daily routine disruptions where work is done from home and kids are at home requiring schedule adjustments and possibly less structure. Several professional and practical resources are available to help manage and cope with emotional and mental health.

The California Surgeon General published a stress relief guide with things you can do every day, at home, to help support your mental and physical health, utilizing six key strategies:
  • Maintain supportive relationships
  • Engage in physical activity  
  • Get sufficient, high-quality sleep
  • Ensure you get proper nutrition 
  • Get mental health support
  • Practice mindfulness, for example meditation, yoga, or prayer
Together we can get through this health crisis by focusing on our physical and mental well-being.

There are many local resources available for coping with stress and mental health during this time of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

If you are in need of information, resources, an assessment and referral for mental health or substance use services call 2-1-1 or the BHRS Access Call Center: 1-(800) 686-0101, TDD: 1-(800) 943-2833

If you are experiencing a psychiatric emergency, call or text 9-1-1.