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Mar 30

Shelter-in-place order to be extended to May 1

Posted on March 30, 2020 at 4:42 pm by Clay Curtin

The seven health officers overseeing all jurisdictions in six Bay Area counties will soon extend shelter-in-place orders until at least May 1.

The Bay Area is fortunate to have a group of dedicated public health leaders, including those at San Mateo County Health, serving Menlo Park and neighboring cities, who are working together to address the interconnectedness of our region. The health officers have said an extension might be expected as we work together to slow the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

Adherence to these health orders is necessary to protect and preserve our public health and prevent the increasing transmission of COVID-19 in California and the significant risk of widespread transmission of the virus in the county. Additional details about the updated order will be available when it is finalized by Wednesday.

The City encourages residents to stay home, when possible, and reduce their interactions with others. Physical distancing is limiting the number of people you come into close contact with. 

Put into practice:
  • When going to buy food or going to the doctor, keep a distance of 6 feet from others
  • Use tap to pay rather than handling money
  • Avoid prolonged close contact with others
  • Greet others with a wave or nod
Visit for additional information on COVID-19, recommendations from San Mateo County Health, and information on other changes to city services.