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Jan 31

City experienced several major water main breaks in 2014

Posted on January 31, 2015 at 11:12 pm by Clay Curtin

The Menlo Park Municipal Water system uses both staff and contractors to operate and maintain the water system. During major incidents, contractors are used to support staff in making repairs to the water system. In late 2014, three major water main breaks occurred. The November break on Continental Drive occurred at the fire hydrant lateral and involved a large number of crossing utility lines. This required significant time for other utilities to move their lines and crews worked by hand to complete this emergency work. This emergency repair cost approximately $58,000. On Dec. 19, we had two water main breaks, one at 3592 Haven Drive, and the other in the landscaping adjacent to the driveway exit from the City Council Chambers parking lot. For 2014, staff inspected 97 possible water leaks of which 36 were found to be the City’s responsibility to repair and 26 located on private property.