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Oct 08

Sharon Park pond cleaning underway

Posted on October 8, 2018 at 6:25 pm by Clay Curtin

City crews are cleaning the pond at Sharon Park. In late September, the pond was drained and fish were carefully transported to the pond at City Hall. After the debris is dried and removed, the pond will be refilled and the fish will be returned. In mid-October, staff will begin cleaning the pond at City Hall.

To maintain water and habitat for wildlife, the pond will be cleaned in two stages. The upper section of the pond will be cleaned first, followed by the lower section. This method provides water for wildlife during all stages of the cleaning. No chemicals will be used during the process. Staff will also clean the filter and inspect the pump and pipes that circulate water thoughout the system. The debris will be removed manually and the pond structure will be power washed. 

The project is estimated to be completed in two weeks and is scheduled at a time to have minimal impact on wildlife. Notices are posted at both ponds describing the process. Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain a safe and healthy pond for wildlife and people. 

For more information, contact Interim Assistant Public Works Director Brian Henry.

Sharon Pond