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Aug 30

Bicycling improvements happening in Menlo Park

Posted on August 30, 2018 at 5:04 pm by Clay Curtin

Bicycling facilities are receiving improvements all over Menlo Park with wayfinding signs, bike repair stations and connections to the Peninsula Bikeway network.

Menlo Park’s bicycle wayfinding signs are being updated to provide destinations, directional arrows, mileage and approximate travel time information to popular biking destinations around Menlo Park. These signs will also direct bicyclists to bike routes, increase bicyclist familiarity of Menlo Park and enhance the local and regional bicycle network connectivity. Eastbound destinations include Bay Trail, Bedwell Bayfront Park, and Onetta Harris Community Center. Westbound destinations include Caltrain, Downtown, and Nealon Park. The first rollout of upgraded signs and shared-lane markings can be seen in the Belle Haven Neighborhood along Hamilton Avenue. The remaining signs will be upgraded within the next few weeks. 

Additionally, new bike repair stations are being installed, including one by Menlo Swim and Sport at Burgess Pool and another near the Main Library. There are tools within the repair station to perform basic repairs, an air pump for flat tires and a stand to mount your bike while you repair it. These repair stations are the first of four the City is installing to gauge interest and usage. Two others will be located in the downtown area.

These improvements will complement the Peninsula Bikeway which is working to connect the peninsula cities for bicycling. The first phase of the Peninsula Bikeway is connecting Menlo Park to Mountain View, Palo Alto and Redwood City. The launch event on Saturday, September 8, 2018, includes rides from either Redwood City or Mountain View, and ending at Burgess Park for a chance to speak with local representatives and to enjoy fun bicycling events. It’s a great opportunity to check out the Peninsula Bikeway, the new wayfinding signs and the new repair stations. 

For more information about bicycling in Menlo Park, please see the Bicycling webpage or visit the City’s Transportation Division

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