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Jul 02

Downtown parking improvements underway

Posted on July 2, 2018 at 6:04 pm by Clay Curtin

Parking improvements are now underway in downtown Menlo Park including upgraded parking meters, restriping of lots and accessible ramp additions.

The first round of parking meter upgrades have already started. Plaza 1 now has four parking meters, including three upgraded parking meters. Plaza 5 has two parking meters, including one upgraded meter. The upgraded parking meters feature colored LCD screens and an easy to use interface for an enhanced downtown parking experience. All existing parking meters will be upgraded within the next year. 

As a reminder, parking in all of the downtown lots is always free for three hours, with the exception of Plaza 4, which is free for two hours. In Plazas 1 and 5, long term parking is available for only $1.00 for each hour after the first three free hours. The downtown parking map shows all of the parking plazas and time limits.

Starting July 2, Plaza 4 will undergo restriping. Parking may be limited during the next week while crews prepare for and complete restriping. Later this year, Plazas 7 and 8 will also be updated to better accommodate accessibility and refresh faded paint. Updates will include restriping, repaving and repairing pavement conditions, and adding curbs and accessible ramps.

All of these improvements are intended to make the downtown experience convenient, accessible and pleasant for all patrons. For more information about parking in the downtown area, please visit the Downtown Parking webpage or contact the Transportation Division.

Current Downtown Parking Map